Case Belt driven fueling system in Amsterdam

The belt driven fueling system in Amsterdam is the Comfort Lane 2.0. Whereas the Comfort Lane in Aalsmeer just has a single conveyor band, Amsterdam has a double conveyor band for the car. This is easier to maintain and cheaper. The checkout process will be taken place with the manned register of the wash station, where you can choose if you want to fill up your tank and/or wash the car. “This way we can fill up around 60 to 70 cars an hour during rush hours", Loogman said.

Case Loogman gas & car wash in Aalsmeer

Our first license holder is Ger Loogman. Ger took over the gas station his parents established in 1959. Since 1983 he has expanded it with eight successful car washes. As a successful business man, Ger won many awards. In November 2016 he was awarded Business Man of the Year because of the unique addition of the Comfort Lane to his gas station. Self-service gas stations are very common right now, but Ger knew how to distinguish himself with Comfort Lane: A modern take on the old-fashioned service gas stations. With Comfort Lane he put an innovative way of pumping gas on the market and he offers a unique experience to his customers. After the renovation on his Aalsmeer grounds, a couple of pumps were replaced by a Comfort Lane. Although this reduced the number of actual pumps, Comfort Lane works in such an efficient way that the amount of gallons sold went up, even per car. Comfort Lane is a great asset for the Aalsmeer gas station, not in the least considering the customers’ many enthusiastic reactions.

Chareen (35) and daughter Amira (8) getting gas at the new Comfort Lane

So what’s your first impression?
“This is brilliant! I just put my car on the conveyor belt and my tank gets filled while I stay in the car. When we come at the end I just drive off with a full tank of gas.”

So you’ll come back?
“Yes, and I’ll bring Amira again. She loved it, I could see her smile from ear to ear.”

Do you come here often?
“I do, to get gas and to wash my car. I was here often during the rebuild of the gas station and I like it. It turned out really nice.”

Gas stations on holiday routes

Large gas stations on busy holiday routes could benefit greatly from Comfort Lanes. As long hold-ups occur at regular gas stations due to cars waiting while customers pay and shop, this unique lane provides quite the opposite: A fast and efficient flow. Comfort Lanes easily allow 18 cars an hour to fill up their tanks on the conveyor belt. This service could be expanded with additional soft drink sales, ensuring customers in a rush can be on their way again within two minutes. Customers who prefer a break, some shopping or a bite to eat will no longer occupy the spaces at the pumps. Comfort Lanes’ efficient flow contributes to the optimal use of your gas station.

Car Rental Returns

Comfort Lanes would be an ideal solution for Car Rental Returns at airports. Filling up tanks and exterior and interior cleaning of the rental cars currently take place in different areas. But with Comfort Lanes; innovative solution all these chores can be done at one central location. This will increase efficiency for car rental return companies, since staff and property costs are cut dramatically.
Visual comfort lane carwash