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Koos Rasser

Koos Rasser was born in the late 40s in Leiderdorp and got his PhD in Chemical Technology at Delft University when he was 28. Seven years after that, he received his Juris Doctor degree and became a very well respected ‘champions league’ player in the field of patent rights. Although his two full grown sons don’t need diapers anymore, Koos played a big role in the so called ‘diaper war’ between Pampers and Huggies in the 90s. In the past three decades he has built an impressive track record as Senior Vice President of Intellectual Property at Procter & Gamble’s US headquarters and as European Managing Partner at Howrey LLC. A professional is never done learning, so in his spare time Koos keeps studying to increase and improve his knowledge. We are proud to have a specialist like Koos on our team, with his great enthusiasm and vast expertise when it comes to patenting.

Eduard de Haan

‘Say cheese’ is very much applicable to Eduard, because he loves to laugh and he was born in the cheese capital of Alkmaar. After getting his bachelor degree he quickly moved up in sales and marketing, which lead to an international career. This modern family man and father of four has been to many places in the world and still loves to travel. He is passionate about fast sports cars, but he also finds peace and quiet on the golf course. Hardworking as he is, Eduard knows how to spot a good business deal and immediately takes action in a determined and persistent way. As an experienced specialist in company and licensing strategies he completes the Comfort Lane team.